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TravCom CS

The latest release in the Travcom Canada family of back office accounting and client management tools for travel agencies.
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  Product TourThe premier back office account and management system for travel agencies  

TravCom CS - The Latest Back-Office Solution from TravCom Canada

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TravCom CS puts you in control of your travel agency's information and accounting. Building on more than a quarter of a century of success, TravCom CS has all the features and details your agency needs to succeed.

Profiles for Clients, Vendors, Agents and More

TravCom CS enables you to store a wealth of information about your clients, vendors, agents and more. Below, for example, is a client profile.

A client profile showing passengers associated with a corporate client.


The Passengers tab, one of ten tabs of information for each client, shows passengers associated with the client profile. For corporate customers, passengers might be any employees who travel with that company. For leisure clients, passengers might be all the members of one family. You can keep much more information than is shown here. For each passenger, you can store multiple contact methods, multiple addresses, detailed preferences for air, cars, hotels and cruises. You can also store travel and activity preferences that you define. For example, you can indicate whether a client is interested in European vacations, Alaskan cruises, scuba excursions...whatever you want. You can store personal information about each passenger such as birthdates and anniversaries, too. You can use all of this information to serve your clients better and to send targeted messages to just the right people. We'll see an example of this at the end of the product tour.

Here we see the profile for an inside sales agent.


An agent profile showing default commission percentages for different product codes.

Notice that we have specified a default commission percentage of 10% for this agent in the "Commission Pct" field on the left. But we can be more precise. By drilling in to the commission percentages, we can specify individual default commission percentages and amounts for every product code. And by the way, you can create and customize as many product codes as you need. For this agent, the default commission for cruises and tours is defined as a percentage while the default commission for insurance is defined as a fixed dollar amount. All three are defined in terms of the agent's take. Alternatively, TravCom CS will let you define commissions in terms of the agency's take.


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