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New hosting solution that gives you access to Travcom's database management applications with only an internet connected computer or PDA!
  Product DetailsBreak Free from the Office  

TravcomOne is a hosting solution that brings accounting, client management and reporting all under one roof and all accessible from practically anywhere, including a branch office, internet hotspot or even at home! All you need is an internet connection, a computer or Windows based PDA.

Big or small, one location or 200, TravcomOne is the hosting solution your agency needs so your agents, accounting staff, branch offices or even clients have access to the information they need 24 hours a day.

Using Canada's leading applications, TravCom CS, ClientMajic and CrystalReach, you can rest assured that you'll be using the travel industries best tools to run your business, market your agency and service your clients.

•Web enabled industry leading applications
•Highly Secure Data Centre
•Ultra Fast Connection Speeds
•Server management
•Daily Backups

With TravcomOne, your branch offices will have instant and real-time access to TravCom and ClientMajic. Centralize your accounting while providing your branch offices complete or partial access to the back office data. Generate consolidated reporting for financial analysis, productivity or vendor negotiations. With one central database, there are many possibilities to what you can do while improving office efficiencies. If your company has more then one branch, then TravcomOne is definitely for you.

Main Office

Can't make it to the office because of bad weather or some other reason?

Away on business but need to stay in touch with the office?

Do you have at-home agents or Outside Sales agents that don't work in the office but still need access to their customer database?

If so, then TravcomOne is the solution you need.

Imagine the freedom you will enjoy with the option to work from home when needed or from outside of the office while still maintaining access to your accounting and/or customer databases. TravcomOne gives you this freedom and breaks you free from the four walls of your office. With the use of hosted
TravCom CS and ClientMajic, agents and office staff can stay connected to the office... no matter where they are.

TravcomOne's CrystalReach web reporting gives your leisure and corporate clients instant access to their invoices, itineraries and reports around the clock.

Today's clients are asking for immediate access to their travel documents and travel reports. You can provide this instantly to them with TravcomOne.

Your clients will be able to view, email, print, export or schedule travel management reports in various formats including Excel, Word and PDF at their leisure, 24/7.

Save yourself time and money while providing an invaluable service to your clients with TravcomOne and CrystalReach! Visit our CrystalReach website for more information on our web reporting solution

Break Free from the office and call Travcom Canada today to order TravcomOne




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