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An affordable, easy-to-use marketing tool

Real-time, Integrated Database:

Leveraging TravCom CS’ database, instantly access client profiles, passenger preferences, travel history, and invoice information.

Advanced Query Functions:

Identify target audiences and automatically generate offers.

Power “tools”:

Sales Centre will help agents manage interfaced bookings and create new sales.


Build unlimited marketing groups and codes and force marketing policies with mandatory codes then use the wizard to create email blasts, mailing lists or mail merge files.

Web Enabled:

A convenient way to stay connected to the office no matter where you are.

Customizable client marketing information:

Customizable client marketing information allows you to build an unlimited number of marketing groups and marketing codes for each group. Select which marketing codes apply to each client and run queries based on these marketing preferences.

Create passenger profiles for each client:

Create passenger profiles for each client listing all family members or corporate travelers for the client. Customize preferences for each passenger, such as smoking/non-smoking, seating preferences, preferred airlines, preferred car rental companies, preferred hotels, and preferred cruise lines.

Emailing capabilities allow you to send email messages to individual clients:

Emailing capabilities allow you to send email messages to individual clients or blast email to a select group of clients. Email messages can include any number of attachments. You can send email messages in plain text format, or for nice brochure-like email messages you can send them in HTML format using any popular HTML editing program.