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Welcome to the TCI Support Center. Here you can review all of the support options TCI has to offer. In addition, you can download product updates and utilities, get a list of upcoming training classes, request support for custom Crystal Reports, or view a listing of TCI consultants. By filling out and submitting the registration form you will be automatically notified by email of any TCI product news or updates.

Toll-Free Phone Support:
TCI offers toll-free technical assistance to all TCI subscribers within Canada. Support representatives make every attempt to answer your call when you place it, and to return your call within thirty minutes if you must leave a message. The toll-free telephone number is 1-877-582-5146.

Please note that TCI cannot offer specific assistance with
network issues (beyond basic TCI installation instructions for a
network), nor with third party software such as word processors or

TCI can be reached from 8:00am – 8:00pm, eastern standard time. Please be sure to listen carefully to your options when you call. Be sure to select the support option to get assistance, not sales. If you leave a message on the sales line this will significantly delay the response to your support call.

Email Support:
You may send your support question by email. For general support questions please email them to