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Access Reports and Travel Documents from Anywhere!

Invoice Query

CrystalReach includes an invoice filter search screen so users can quickly locate the invoice they are looking for.

Report Viewing and Scheduling

CrystalReach includes over 30 reports that you can provide to your users.

My Travel Docs

Is a great tool to give immediate access to copies of itineraries and invoices.

Invoices and Itineraries from any Internet Connected Computer:

CrystalReach gives travel agencies, big or small, the ability to offer their clients, travellers and staff instant access to travel and management reports, invoices and itineraries from any internet connected computer.

The flexibility and ease of use of CrystalReach products:

The flexibility and ease of use of CrystalReach products will surely amaze your clients. The self serve ability of these products means that customers can get the reports they need, when they need it while providing them the convenience and service demanded by todays travel managers. This will also free up your busy sales and administration staff’s time…allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Only product of it’s kind:

CrystalReach is a web based invoice query and reporting tool. It works exclusively with the TravCom CS/TravCom and ClientMajic database giving you and your clients access to rich data 24/7 from any internet connected computer. CrystalReach is the only product of it’s kind.